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Experience the customer journey through the eyes of your guests.

Customised reports for your business with our own proprietary software.

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Fully Customised Feedback Reports 

Bespoke reporting software tailored to suit your individual needs and provide meaningful information in an easy to use format.

Step Into Your Guest's Shoes

Experience your guest's journey through the eyes of our trained researchers as they interact with your team and facilities, and provide real time feedback.

Identify Strengths & Opportunities 

Identify key areas where your team and facilities go above and beyond the customer's expectations, and the areas where there is opportunity for improvement. 



At the core of our mission since 1999, we've been passionately infusing heart and soul into mystery shopping, fostering enduring partnerships through continuous recommendations and earned trust. Our journey has led us to become a distinguished leader, especially within the realms of hospitality and tourism, where we've carved out a significant niche.

Your establishment's performance is not just a priority for us; it's our obsession. We dedicate ourselves to immersing in every facet of what you offer, ensuring that our insightful feedback has a tangible impact on your clientele and, ultimately, enhances your financial performance.

Introducing OARS – our innovative, cloud-based proprietary reporting system, crafted from the ground up to redefine traditional reporting. OARS offers you a gateway to truly understanding your customer interactions and the intricacies of your service delivery. With audit results available online within 24 hours of a visit, you gain unprecedented access to every detail of the evaluation process.

In today's fiercely competitive landscape, the necessity for businesses to assert their market stance and communicate their unique value propositions to both current and prospective customers has never been more critical. Research and feedback from our clients underscore this imperative, and it's here that OOPS stands as your ally.

Let us empower your journey to excellence and distinction in the hospitality and tourism industry. Join us, and together, let's create memorable experiences that resonate with your guests and drive your success.



With over three decades dedicated to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, I know the unparalleled value of a good conversation. Let's discuss what you aim to discover, solve, or gain insight on from your customer's perspective. From our dialogue, I'll craft questions designed to elicit both objective and subjective responses, directly contributing to enhancing your bottom line. Together, we'll uncover ways to foster a more supportive team environment, pinpoint emerging leaders as well as areas for leadership improvement, seize opportunities, and spotlight your successes.

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Powered by our own proprietary software, OARS, through my company Optimum Operating Procedures & Services (OOPS) three decades of experience, we offer you an exclusive peek into the pulse of your business with real-time data accessible via a secure dashboard. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about benchmarking your performance against industry standards and uncovering both qualitative and quantitative insights that span across four crucial aspects: Image, Service, Marketing, and Compliance.

Imagine having a comprehensive map of your guest's journey, enriched with an informative Net Promoter Score, giving you a clear view of their experience from start to finish. Our approach is unique — we employ a team of highly trained professionals who blend seamlessly into the fabric of your daily operations, focusing on illuminating the strengths of your business, pinpointing opportunities for growth, and equipping you with the resources to shine even brighter.

This service is designed not to catch your team off guard but to spotlight the true stars of your establishment and to forge a path for ongoing improvement and excellence. Partner with us to transform the way you view your business, through the lens of those who matter most — your guests. Let's set a new standard for excellence in the hospitality and tourism industry together.

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