Clear Communication in Hospitality


Team Challenges


A key issue for the hospitality industry is attracting and retaining a talented team. Offering competitive compensation, clear career growth opportunities, fostering a positive work culture, and ensuring work-life balance are essential strategies to address this challenge. Moreover, comprehensive training and development, along with embracing diversity and inclusion, are crucial for building a skilled and versatile workforce.

Rising Operational Costs & Environmental Concerns


Hospitality businesses are grappling with the rising costs of daily consumables and the increasing importance of sustainable practices. Price inflation for daily use products and supplies significantly impacts operations, with strategies such as inventory management and cost-saving measures being vital for managing these costs.

Adaptation to Tech Advances

The rapid evolution of technology in the hospitality sector has raised expectations for enhanced customer experiences. Implementing modern technological solutions, such as online booking systems, smart room features, and efficient property management systems (PMS), is essential. These technologies not only streamline operations and improve the guest experience but also pose challenges in balancing automation with human interaction and ensuring data security and privacy.

Introducing The Art of the BEEP: Clear Communication in Hospitality

Dive into the world of effective workplace communication with our half-day workshop on building a multigenerational team, creating memorable experiences for guests while connecting and supporting those in the team.

Designed to address the complexities of today's diverse and multi-generational workforce, this interactive session is the perfect opportunity for team leaders, managers, and employees to master the art of impactful dialogue.

Over four enriching hours, we'll embark on a journey through the essentials of communication. How does your team communicate with each other and your guests? 

Handling complaints, frustrations, upselling, sales, first and lasting impressions, shared knowledge and the feeling of belonging.

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You know when it comes to your Frontline Team, consistency is the key to service excellence....

Online Modules for your new team members or refreshers for your current team.


Easily accessed online, these modules cover essential topics such as customer service excellence, conflict resolution, resilience, connecting with the team, and engaging with customers. Crafted to enhance the "Talking Turkey" half-day workshop experience, each module is designed specifically for the hospitality and tourism industry, focusing on practical skills and strategies that promote a cohesive, multigenerational work environment and elevate guest experiences.

Dive into these interactive learning experiences to unlock the full potential of your hospitality team and set a new standard for guest satisfaction and team performance. Explore more about how our online modules can be a game-changer for your business.


If this connects with you, then let's chat. Book a time today.

It's all about finding the right people

Retaining the right people

Creating loyalty within the team and your guests

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

Your dream is to have a happy team of employees all working together for the benefit of members and guests. Creating a community of loyal guests. 

A team that provides excellent service that changes the experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

You need to feel confident in your team delivering the vision through their actions and behaviours.

Becoming a workplace of choice and a leader in the industry.


"Michelle's impact on my customer service skills has been so profound, that I still base my core approach on what I learned in my very first session with her 14 years ago. Michelle's ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner is a testament to her professionalism and expertise.

What sets Michelle apart is her welcoming and collaborative training style. She creates an inclusive environment that encourages open discussions and facilitates the exchange of ideas among attendees. Her genuine care for the growth and development of others shines through in every session."

Shynna Montague - Sales Manager

Southern Sydney Event Centre

"The overall experience has been exceptional, from the time Michelle and I spoke about our training needs through to Michelle taking a detailed brief to ensure the program was completely customised to our environment.

Not to mention the special touches she added to the workshop, such as personalised workbooks, book giveaways, and issuing certificates and sweets. Michelle made every single staff member feel important and special in the session. Her warmth and energy has had a very positive impact on the team and we look forward to working with her again in the future."

Valerie D'Angelo - Human Resources Director

The Royal Sydney Golf Club